TL;DR; A little more about me

TL;DR; A little more about me

More than money and more than any big reward, I like trying new things and working with new and interesting people. Getting better and better as a practitioner at things I like is an important part of my life purpose.

It’s said “the Journey is the reward” and I too consider my journey to be of not just new places but also of new people, new experiences and new learnings and of overcoming new challenges and growing and evolving as a person.

Over the last few years, at times I’ve spent even 50 percent or more of my time on various interests. Most notably writing and helping animals and nature; volunteering and activism and travel and learning new things.

I have also had 6-10 month times when I was so deeply involved in work related to technology and Darksun Tech that I felt like just another techie consumed by his day job.

When we started Darksun Tech – we wanted to put India and Delhi onto the world map for games and tech products – and that mission too, is still very much alive.